The Structure of Salahaddin University 
1. College of Science
College of Science was founded in 1968 in Sulaimania City as a first college at Sulaimania University. It started with undergraduate studies awarding B.Sc. degree in (Biology, Chemistry ,Physics and Mathematics)in 1976 the Geology Department was founded. Later, in December 1981 College of Science was moved to Erbil City and its name changed to Salahaddin University recently in 2007 new department of Environmental Science established.Postgraduate studies, started with M.Sc. degree in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, while in 1978,the department of Physics started M.Sc. degree since the beginning of 1986 M.Sc. degree in geology has begun , the Ph.D degree in Biology and Chemistry were first started in 1992 and later for geology and physics in (1998 and 2002 respectively). The college is committed to offer a high quality programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. the graduates of Scince college will participate in developing different fields during Their future carrier e.g working in hospital , clinical laboratories , oil companies and other industrial establishments, Also, the college is dedicated to train intermediate and high school teachers. 

2. College of Engineering
College of Engineering was first established in 1968 in Sulaimaniya city as one of the three colleges at Sulaimaniya University (College of Agriculture, College of Science and College of Engineering). Then, it was moved to Hawler city and its name changed to Salahaddin University. The college was started with one department which was Civil Engineering. After five years the department of Electrical Engineering was established and Mechanical department was established after fourteen years. Also, Architectural Engineering was established in 1993. Recently, the three departments of Engineering (Software, Dam and Water Resources and Surveying) have been established respectively. 

3. College of Arts
It's regarded as one of the most outstanding and remarkable colleges of Salahadin University due to the long and valuable achievements it had since it has been established.
First, college of Arts has been founded at Slemani University on the 31st, August 1971 including only the Kurdish language department.
  1. In 1981 it was moved to hawler (Erbil) under the name of Salahadin University. Since then the college has been expanding through opening new departments as below: 
  2. 1981 when moved to Salahadin University the departments of Kurdish language, Arabic language department and Sociology department were opened. 
  3. 1985 – 1986 both English language department and History department 
  4. 1986 – 1987 Geography department 
  5. 1995 – 1996 department of Islamic Studies 
  6. 1998 – 1999 Persian language department 
  7. 2001 – 2002 Archaeology department 

Besides, the number of branches was expanded to the evening time department so that many others would get the opportunity to pursue their study end get Degrees in the following departments:
  1. 2001 – 2002 English language departments 
  2. 2002 – 2003 department of Sociology and Kurdish language department 
  3. 2003 – 2004 department of Translation and Arabic language department 

Thus, many changes and advancements can be seen in the history of the college and which led to the idea of splitting the college to have both College of Arts including (Sociology, History, Geography, Archaeology, Media, philosophy, social work and Psychology departments) and College of Languages 

Some statistics about the college: 
  • Number of lecturers about 200 
  • Number of employees about 300 
  • Excluding Social Work Dept. all departments had Post Graduate Studies (MA DEGREE) 
  • Excluding departments of Archaeology, Philosophy and Social Work other departments have post graduate studies (Ph.D.) 
  • The college is publishing a magazine entitled (MROV) 
4. College of Languages 
College of Languages is one of the colleges of Salahaddin University, which is established in 2005. College of Languages could build relations with other countries in the worlds. These relations could build cultural and political relations between Kurdistan Regional Government and other states. College of Languages consists of Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian, French, Turkish and German Departments. The number of teachers is 112 and the number of students is about 1635. Our target for future is to open other important departments such as Spanish and other departments when we have enough professional teachers in other languages. The target of opening other departments is to teach students in other languages. 

5. College of Agriculture 
The college was established in 1968 in Sulaimani University and moved to Erbil in 1981, but unfortunately it was closed in 1987 due to political reasons. The necessity to provide the region with trained agricultural cadres and teaching staffs promoted the Kurdistan regional government to reopen the college. Actually it was opened in 1996. Approximately one thousand and two hundred students are currently undertaking programs leading to B.SC, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in different disciplines of agriculture. An experimental station including poultry (broilers, layers and quail), dairy cattle and sheep and goat and fish farms.In addition to Horticulture, Forestry and Agronomy and Bee production farms composed of Green house, Plastic tunnel, Apricot orchard, Vegetable farm, four plastic houses, store house and Field crop farm land. 

6. College of Administration and Economics 
College of administration and economics is one of the colleges of Salahaddin University, which is established in 1988. College of administration and economics consists of administration, economic, statistic and financial. The number of teachers is more than 100 and the number of students is about 1500. 

7. College of Education 
College of Education is the first college of its kind to be founded in the Province of Sulaymaniyah in the years (1976-1977), which was affiliated to the University of Sulaymaniyah. This college had only two departments: a connected department of both Biology and Chemistry and another connected department of both Physics and Mathematics. Only (210) students were admitted by then. In the academic year of (1978-1979) this college was divided into four unconnected department. In the years 1979-1980 the first cohort of (133) male and female students graduated. Later, College of Education was transferred to Erbil in (1981-1982), and it became a part of Salahaddin University. At first, this college used halls and laboratories of College of Science. In the years of (1983-1984) College of Education transferred to its current building where three other departments (Arabic Language, Kurdish Language and Psychology) were added. After nearly a decade and a half Computer Department was opened in (1999-2000) following by Department of English in the next year. 

8. College of Law 
College of Law and political science It's one of the colleges of Salahaddin University-Erbil since its establishment of the University in (1985-1986). 

Salahaddin University

It Consists Of Two departments (Law & Political Science). Department of Law: The Department of Law offered in the beginning undergraduate courses only, but in the year 1993-1994, it started offering graduate courses, for the master degree level only; and in 1999-2000 started offering Ph.D. Courses. Political sciences department: This department was established in the year 1992, and it started offering undergraduate courses only. In 2000-2001, it started to offer graduate courses, in the Master degree level, and in 2005-2006 it started offering Ph.D. Courses. 

9. College of Physical Education 
College of Physical Education is one of the most important and a significant college in University of Salahaddin and it’s known as (Mother of Sports Colleges in Kurdistan). This college established in (1989) as a department at college of Education - Salahaddin University until (1998) became an independent physical education college. 

10. College of Basic Education 
The College of Basic Education was established in the academic year 2000-2001 and is comprised of the departments while the departments of Mathematics, Social Science and English were initiated in the academic year 2000-2001, the departments of General Science and Kurdish followed in the academic year 2003-2004 and finally the department of Kindergarten started off in the academic year 2008-2009.of Kurdish Language, Social Science, Mathematics, English Language, General Science and Kindergarten. Following two comprehensive workshops for the colleges of education and that of basic education in Kurdistan universities, it was decided to name it as the College of Basic Education. 

11. College of Islamic Sciences 
College of Islamic sciences is one of the colleges of Salahaddin University, which is established in 2002.. College of Islamic Studies consists of Islamic Studies, Sharia and Religion Principles Departments. The number of teachers is more than 50 and the number of students is about 500. 

12. College of Fine Arts 
The College of Fine Arts consisted of four departments which are; Plastic Art, Music, Cinema, and Theatre. At that time, the Cinema Department was in the separate building outside college. But later, in cooperation with the university President, I could receive the building of the College of Basic Education after being left by the college and merge it to the college of Fine Arts. Thus, I returned and placed the Cinema department in it that both Cinema and Theatre departments study and work in that building while the two other departments (Plastic Arts and Music) study and work in another building together with the deanery of college which located in 30m highway.